Friday, August 20, 2010

Rp Characters are all I draw

1) My lil' neko person I was going to play for a group. I think I named for Tora or something. Anyway the idea is she a girl but everyone would think she was a boy, however if she goes around posing like that I don't know who she'd be fooling. Her story was that her owner's parents separated them and now shes lonely and whine whine whine she sits at home all and cries. Despite being emo I thinks shes pretty cute
2) I won't be surprise if no one knew who those two were despite the hours, days, months and overall EFFORT I poured into this image. I mean can't you see all that EFFORT?!!??
3) Mairi and Zack are twins. Twins are suppose to look like each other. Maria and Zack don't look like each other. I wonder if they were ever meant to look like each other or was I just too lazy to make them separate ages. I may never know.
Zack is hard to draw

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